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Krista Stanfield
Specials for the week of 
September 29th
Krista's Firearms offers a complete selection of parts,accessories,and complete Rifles. 
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Used Kel-Tec P-32 .32ACP comes with
soft case, holster, 47 rounds of Hornaday 60 grain Custom Ammo and 43 rounds of Herter's FMJ Ammo
$200 Shipped

Colt AR15 Upper Half  LE6921CK
14.5" Chrome Lined Barrel w/A2 Flash Hider comes w/Matech Rear Sight
$725 Shipped
Rock River Arms Rifles in Stock - If you are local stop in and take a look!!
Last week for these rifles then they are gone
RRA Custom 18" Light Weight Varmint Rifle with Custom Fluted Barrel,
TRO Rail, Lo Pro Gas Block and Two Stage Trigger  
$1270 Shipped
RRA CAR A4 Fluted Rifle BB2250
16" Fluted Barrel, Gas Block Flip Front Sight, Dominator 2 Rear Sight, Quad Rail
$1025 Shipped
RRA LAR-15 Hunter Rifle with WYL-Ehide Finish
WH1000 16" Barrel with Half Quad FF Tube, Tactical Muzzle Brake and CAR Operator Stock
$1330 Shipped
RRA Predator Pursuit 
20" Stainless Barrel
$975 Shipped
18" Stainless Barrel with RRA Advanced Half Quad FF Rail 
$1099 Shipped
DPMS 24" .308 Varmint Upper Hafl
$659 Shipped
Taurus Model 44 Matte Stainless 
44 Magnum with 4" Barrel
$615 Shipped
Taurus Model 454 Raging Bull
2.5" Barrel 454 Casull
$865 Shipped
Smith & Wesson 163500 Model 500
8.375" Barrel - 5 Round 500S&W
$1084 Shipped
Smith & Wesson 163504 Model 500
4" Barrel - 5 Round 500S&W
$1120 Shipped
Smith & Wesson 170231 Model 500
10.5" Barrel - 5 Round 500 S&W
$1349 Shipped