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Krista Stanfield
Specials for the week of 
October 27th
Happy Halloween!!
Krista's Firearms offers a complete selection of parts,accessories,and complete Rifles. 
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Used Kel-Tec P-32 .32ACP comes with
soft case, holster, 47 rounds of Hornaday 60 grain Custom Ammo and 43 rounds of Herter's FMJ Ammo
$200 Shipped

Previously owned but never fired Charter Arms Lavender Lady 
38 Special --  Includes one box of Winchester 130 grain FJM ammo and one box of Winchester 125 Grain Jacketed Hollow Point Ammo
CZ  Mallard Over/Under 20 Gauge Shotgun - 28" 5 choke Tubes
 Model 06091
$675 Shipped
CZ Hammer Coach
Side by Side 20" 12 Gauge
Model 06130
FLIR Thermosight RS-Series Thermal Weapon Mounted Scope with WhiteHot, BlackHot, and InstAlert
1.25-5 - #431-000-02-00
$3960 Shipped
FLIR Scout PS24
PS-Series Thermal Handheld Camera with WhiteHot, BlackHot, and InstAlert
FLIR Digital Enhancement 1X Power
Objective 240x180 VOx Microbolometer
$1799 Shipped
FLIR Scout PS32
PS-Series Thermal Handheld Camera with WhiteHot, BlackHot, and InstAlert. FLIR Digital Enhancement
Objective 320x240VOx Microbolometer
 2x Digital E-Zoom
The American Beauty Rifle
Henry .22LR H004AB
Nickel Plated Receiver
with Copper Rose 
$779 Shipped